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John Waldron Arts Center Gallery Mission and Vision 

Gallery Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for diverse audiences to experience impactful visual art. The gallery provides a vibrant venue in the heart of downtown Bloomington for local and regional artists from all stages of their careers to exhibit.


From the community, for the community. 

We seek art to elevate the public’s visual and intellectual experiences in all mediums and styles. We facilitate opportunities to bring artists closer to audiences by providing art shows, talks, films, and other programming. Our venue is open to everyone, emphasizing art made in the community for the community. We are here to become a house for all artists, encouraging them to advance their practices and develop a stronger connection with society. We work with artists, photographers, indie filmmakers, poets, musicians, and writers to facilitate a welcoming space to exchange art and creative ideas.

HUNER EMIN is a Kurdish artist born and raised in south Kurdistan/northern Iraq. He studied western classical art during his bachelor’s degree in Iraq, where he learned to create art that resembles Western culture’s horizontal perspective and visual aesthetics. Meanwhile, his art practices developed during his MFA study in the United States, where he worked on subject matters that reflect his country of origin’s political and social issues.

Huner worked for five years as an art handler specialist in Washington, D.C., and one year as an assistant curator for the permanent art collection at Indiana State University. For more information, visit his website:


Huner Emin

Visual Arts Committee

Members - Sally Gaskill (Chair), Huner Emin, Ryan Farley, Kate Galvin,

Elliot Josephine Leila Reichert, Elizabeth Stirratt and Holly Warren

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