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Spotlight Gallery

Located on the top floor next to the Auditorium, the Spotlight Gallery is an accessible and interactive space. Applications for this space are open proposals from local artists. Artists should inquire about theatrical programming in the Auditorium before preparing a proposal, as we aim to exhibit work in this space which relates to the plays performed in the Auditorium. View Constellation Stage & Screen programs.


The gallery can include a projector for artists seeking to exhibit digital work on one wall.


Students and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Groups renting the Auditorium for at least 1 week are also encouraged to contact the Gallery Manager if they wish to exhibit art in conjunction with their program. 

View Floor and Wall Plans

Current Exhibition

Stone Soup - Susan Savastuk
March 3 - April 28, 2023

Local painter Susan Savastuk examines the tradition of stone soup in this new solo show. Throughout history and across cultures, stories of stone soup continue to exist and evolve. Some travelers come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot and a rock, they convince the towns people to help them make a delicious pot of soup. Through many small individual contributions, the townsfolk and travelers help to create a delicious meal to share.

Spotlight Gallery
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